At a constant state of construction on the highway in front of my hometown there was, despite clear signs, many sometimes fatal traffic accidents that were mostly due to excessive speed. After the site was dismantled, the highway was not the same as before. In the area of the former construction site entrance could be distributed over a kilometer skid marks, damage to the barriers, burnt grass and other signs of accidents seen. These are still not entirely disappeared; probably the most striking remains are the updated guidelines. Nice and light they put out from the old ones and remember in their morbid aesthetics of scars.

Traffic lights


The possibility that light is „visible„ in fog fascinates me. The unknown hue of blueish light is like the fog hidden for the human eye, but photography shows us things we otherwise overlook, such as a simple traffic light on the street. An all known object which produces a strong effect in an unnatural situation with a simple photographic setup.


My bike, my seat


Vietnamese use their bikes for so many purposes but I think the favourite one is to use it as a seat. From morning till evening you will see a lot of people relaxing on their bikes. Reading, listening to music and even sleeping. You can feel comfortable almost everywhere, it's up to you.




Carry me


In the Chinese culture carrying your child is an established way to transport your spouse- Contrary to western culture the Chinese parents continue to carry their children up to a rather big size. Making life as easy as possible for their children is their highest priority.



The uncle of a well known friend is living on the countryside of vietnam. He left a deep impression which I want to mirror in this Series

Backstreet Beijing


During my 6 month stay in Beijing I explored many parts of the city. In the so-called Hutongs there are very narrow streets which have fascinated me right away. While people are living together in a confined space they are also isolated from each other. The individual human being is very lost in the narrow streets in the heart of the city.

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